Lisa Thiesing

illustrator & author

A Family Is... & A Friend Is...
A Family Is... came out in March, 2022 from Simon & Schuster. It is the companion book to my earlier A Friend Is... 2020.
Over the past few years, I have been working digitally but try to have the illustrations look like traditional mediums. I'm calling it "tradigital". Scanning my pencil sketches into Photoshop, I then redraw the image with a "pencil". I use a variety of "watercolor" and other brushes to achieve the look I want. One of the things that I like best about working digitally is that if I make a mistake I can just go back a step or two and I won't have totally ruined whatever I was working on!
...adorable illustrations...simple backgrounds with just enough detail to...keep the focus on the friends...who clearly care about one another...through thick and thin. 
   - Kirkus
This charming book provides readers with example after example of what makes someone a good friend...Thiesing's art has strong child appeal and reinforces the happiness friendship brings. 
   - SLJ

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