Lisa Thiesing

illustrator & author

A Family Is... & A Friend Is...
A Family Is... came out in 2022 from Simon & Schuster. It is the companion book to my earlier A Friend Is... 2020.
Over the past few years, I have been working digitally. However, I try to have the illustrations look like traditional mediums. I'm calling it "tradigital". Scanning my pencil sketches into Photoshop, I then redraw the image with a "pencil". I use a variety of "watercolor" and other brushes to achieve the look I want. One of the things that I like best about working digitally is that if I make a mistake I can just go back a step or two and I won't have totally ruined whatever I was working on!
These make lovely gifts for friends or family!
...adorable illustrations...simple backgrounds with just enough detail to...keep the focus on the friends...who clearly care about one another...through thick and thin. 
   - Kirkus
This charming book provides readers with example after example of what makes someone a good friend...Thiesing's art has strong child appeal and reinforces the happiness friendship brings. 
   - SLJ
  For A Family Is...
A charming, adorable picture book celebrates the meaning of family. Families are for belonging, hugs, getting dressed, playing, talking and even quiet times. Charming characters include rabbits, mice, fox, raccoons, bears, skunks and several others.

Thiesing captures each character with warmth and whimsy. Families come in all types of animals and not only all of one type. Momma bunny says "Good morning!" to her daughter mouse. Another family is a dog, a cat and a mouse.

The illustrations allow the author to show inclusion and belonging without stating it in text. This keeps the picture book warm and cuddly, not preachy. This is the perfect bedtime read for children and their families.

Recommended for bedtime stories for children of all ages.
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